Concerned about your loved ones tripping on your uneven sidewalk, patio, or pool deck? Replacement may not be necessary. Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC can use their slabjacking or mudjacking equipment to raise or lift your concrete back up without the mess and cost of replacement. Small holes are drilled through the slab allowing us to insert our materials below the slab to raise the concrete back to its original location.

In most applications, we use our polyurethane foam concrete raising equipment to complete the concrete leveling, which establishes a firm foundation below the slab preventing future settling. The foam provides a more permanent solution than typical mudjacking. Most customers find that slabjacking costs are 1/3 of the price of replacement depending on the project. Get your free estimate today by calling (717) 768-3641.

To better understand the Polyurethane Foam Lifting process, view this video on the process.