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Dam Wall Restoration

Dam Wall Restoration with Shotcrete

Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC was contracted to restore a township pond dam wall that had deteriorated for many years. With voids and openings throughout, water was flowing through the wall continuously and causing issues below the dam. For the restoration work, the water level was dropped, bypass pumps set in place, and protection was used to keep water from being contaminated while the rebar mat was set over the entire wall and shotcrete walls and cap were shot. The wall was restored and customer was thrilled with the results and with the team that completed the work.

  • Client: North Londonderry Township
  • Date: September, 2019
  • Location: Palmyra, PA
  • Scope: Install a Rebar Mat and Shotcrete a Cap and Walls over the Dam Wall - 6,500 LF of Rebar & 80 Yards of Concrete
  • Equipment Rented: B50 Trailer Pump & Shotcrete Equipment