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Landis Homes Retirement Community

Concrete Leveling at Landis Homes, Lititz, PA

Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC was called in to look at a large concrete patio for the residents and guests of Landis Homes. The patio was inside a courtyard surrounded by buildings with no good access for the slab to be removed and repoured. With the patio settling towards the middle of the courtyard, the side nearest the main doorway was heaved creating a trip hazard and risk for anyone entering the courtyard. Using our Polyurethane Foam Injection Slabjack Equipment, the slab was raised approximately 4″ where settled dropping the heaved section back down allowing for a smooth transition between slabs once again. The cost for slablifting was 10% of the cost of replacement, but the slab raised wonderfully in hours rather than days, and the customer was happy with the results!

  • Client: Landis Homes Retirement Community
  • Date: January, 2019
  • Location: Lititz, PA
  • Scope: Raise a sunken patio back into place to eliminate trip hazards - 148 Cubic Feet of Foam injected
  • Equipment Rented: HMI Poly Slabjack Equipment