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27,000 Square Feet Soil Nail Shotcrete

Shotcrete with Amelie Construction

Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC’s largest shotcrete project to date was shooting a 27,000 square foot soil nail. A 4″ wall was shot first while filling voids in the excavation and then shooting an additional 8″ wall as the face of this bank. The contractor excavated, drilled the nails, and set wire and steel ahead of our shotcrete team, while we shot anywhere from 20 yards to 100 yards per day over the course of several months. The customer was delighted with the coordination onsite between our certified nozzlemen, pump operators, and their team onsite.

  • ID: 004
  • Client: Amelie Construction
  • Scope: Shotcrete 27,000 SF Soil Nail with 4" and 8" Lifts - approximately 1,200 Cubic Yards
  • Equipment Used: B50 Trailer Pump, Certified Nozzleman, Operator, Shotcrete Equipment
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