Concrete Pump Truck Rentals

Concrete Pumping & Line Pump Rentals

Concrete pumping has been and continues to be our most popular service offered. Projects include concrete slabs, decks, footers, block walls, concrete walls, columns and crawl spaces. We can set up our pipe and hose and pump concrete into locations where concrete trucks cannot get into. If you are looking for a concrete boom pump or trailer pump along with an experienced operator that will help your pour go smoothly, call Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC for service that will exceed your expectations.

With one 47 Meter – 5 Section Boom Pump, three 40 Meter Boom Pumps, one 38 Meter – 5 Section Boom Pump, and a fleet of REED trailer pumps, we can coordinate the most cost-effective concrete pumping system to meet your budget and schedule.


38 Meter Boom Pump

Our 38-meter boom pump is capable of 123' of vertical reach and 107' 7" of horizontal reach.


40 Meter Boom Pumps

Our 40-meter boom pumps are capable of 128' 3" of vertical reach and 115' 1" of horizontal reach.


47 Meter Boom Pump

Our 47-meter boom pump is capable of 151' 3" of vertical reach and 134' 11" of horizontal reach.


C70 Trailer Pump

The C70 Trailer Pump is capable of 70 yards / hour at 1125 PSI.


B50 Trailer Pump

The B50 Trailer Pump is capable of 50 yards / hour at 1351 PSI.

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Concrete Pumping Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete delivery trucks often can't get close enough to pour locations. This can be due to elevation, terrain, or mud that prevents using wheelbarrows or buggies. A concrete pump receives delivered concrete in its hopper and pushes it through pipes and/or hoses to the desired location.

  • Saves landscaping: Protects lawns, driveways, etc., from heavy concrete trucks.
  • Reduces labor: Eliminates the need for workers to wheel concrete, saving on labor costs and reducing risk of injury.
  • Efficient for elevated pours: Makes placing concrete on elevated surfaces (stairtowers, slabs) much easier and faster.

Pumping usually offers benefits, but some concrete mix designs aren't pumpable. In those cases, pouring might be the only option.

Rates are based on several factors: job site location, equipment needed, time involved, and total yardage pumped.

  • Distance: Extremely long distances will increase the cost.
  • Jobsite: Unique or challenging locations may require additional fees.
  • Labor rates: Prevailing wage projects can impact costs.
  • Scheduling: Off-hour or Saturday pours may have higher rates.

(Refer to question #3 - Not pumpable concrete mix designs)

We offer boom pump services, trailer pump services, and line dragon services.

Most pumping jobs are done within a 1.5-hour radius of our shop. We may travel further depending on the project and opportunity.

Safety is paramount. Our operators receive thorough training to handle potential hazards. With some operators having up to 30 years of experience, we maintain a strong safety culture. We prioritize hiring the right employees and express gratitude for their safety each day. It's important to note that the most common risk comes from driving to the job site, which is unfortunately outside our control.


Concrete Pumping & Line Pumps In PA, MD, & DE

We take all the precautions necessary to keep the mess left behind to a minimum. Each truck carries its own water supply. We also carry an optional clean out bag on our trucks to clean out the hopper when there is no good place to wash out on site.

We work closely with the concrete companies to make sure a pumpable mix will be on the job site. We're also sure to get to the job site 30 minutes before the concrete truck, which allows time to set up the system.

Are your laborers tired of dragging heavy hoses around on large pours? Ask about our Line Dragon rental.

If looking for a Concrete Boom PumpTrailer Pump or Line Dragon rental near Lancaster, PA; Reading, PA; York, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; West Chester, PA; Allentown, PA; Wilmington, DE; Baltimore, MD; or the surrounding areas, Keystone Gun-Krete, LLC is your competitive concrete pumping partner with top-notch service.