Concrete Lifting & Leveling Services In Coatesville, PA

Providing Coatesville Level Concrete Without The Mess Or High Cost!

Concerned about your loved ones tripping on your uneven sidewalk, patio, or pool deck?

Worried about water draining into your basement due to uneven exterior concrete surfaces?

Have garage doors that don't close properly due to an uneven surface?

Replacement may not be necessary!

We use our concrete lifting - also known as slackjacking - equipment to raise or lift your concrete back up without the mess and cost of replacement.

Most customers find that slab jacking costs are 1/3 of the price of replacement with the project completed in hours instead of days!

Safer Walkways, Patios, and Surfaces

Proper Draining on Concrete

Save Money On New Concrete

Less Time & Mess

How Does Concrete Lifting Or Leveling Work?

In most applications, we drill small holes thorugh the slab which allow us to use polyurethane foam concrete raising equipment to complete the concrete leveling. This establishes a firm foundation below the slab preventing future settling.

The concrete lifting foam provides a more permanent solution than typical mudjacking at a competitive price.

Watch our demo video or look at our before/after photos below!

Before/After step and sidewalk:

Before/After patio:

Before/After Driveway:

We Make A Concrete Lifting Easy In Coatesville:

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    On-Site consultation

    We provide a free on-site consultation to review dimensions, details, and costs.

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    Schedule Work

    Your project is scheduled and completed with payment collected on site.

What Our Customers Say

“Darin demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, courtesy, and honesty. He knew what he could do well and what he was hesitant to move forward on. We are very pleased with the workmanship. He consulted us on areas where there was a risk for breakage/damage and made recommendations to fill seams between concrete slabs where wood separators had long since decayed. Highly recommend.” -Claudia

“Benton and the team at Keystone Gun-krete were very professional and did a great job lifting our front step. They left everything better than they found it and pricing was very reasonable.” -Heidi

“Landon and Noah were both very professional and knowledgeable. Noah left me understand what he was going to be doing around the home. He told me when he was completed and when the next visit would be. Thank you!” -Sandi

Slablifting rig

Concrete Lifting & Slabjacking Services In Coatesville, PA

If you have a concrete area that is causing safety or drainage issues, then concrete lifting, also known as slabjacking, may be an option to level your concrete surface without the high cost or mess of starting fresh!

With a fully equipped concrete pumping and shotcrete service team, Keystone Gun-Krete is here to make your next concrete project a success!

FAQs on Coatesville Concrete Leveling, Lifting, & Slabjacking

We use a 2-part closed-cell concrete lifting polyurethane foam.

There is nothing that can break the foam down once it’s underneath the slab. The only reason for re-settling would be if there is something going on with the soil underneath the foam, such as a water problem, tree roots, etc.

Our standard service range is 75 miles from our Ephrata base. However, we will travel further for larger jobs. Please request a quote with your job specifics if you are unsure.

Due to the special equipment needed to raise the concrete surface and insert the foam, concrete lifting/leveling cannot usually be done on your own.

We calculate the cubic feet of foam required and charge per cubic foot. We then add a trip charge based on the distance to the project.

This pricing allows us to give concrete lifting/leveling quotes quickly and accurately for all of our customers.

Nothing, they are the same thing! It’s simply two ways of talking about the same process.